Yolo County Life List

A life list is simply the total number of species recorded in one's lifetime, in this case, within the boundary of Yolo County. These numbers below include all ABA species, including six introduced species (Wild Turkey, Ring-necked Pheasant, Rock Pigeon, Eurasian Collared-Dove, Eurasian Starling, House Sparrow). Because these numbers are constantly changing, this list will be allowed to constantly change. Please feel free to submit to me your life list total for Yolo County, with updates as often as you see fit.

Todd Easterla 332
John Sterling 331
Steve Hampton 330
Andy Engilis 328
John Luther 322
Michael Perrone 321
Kevin Guse 311
Roger Adamson 296
Frances Oliver 292
Cliff Hawley 281
Ed Pandolfino 281
Jon King 277
John Kemper 275
Ted Beedy 272
Laura Davis 272
Will Rockey 272
Louise McCullough 268
Rich Stallcup 265
Marcel Holyoak 264
Dan Stoebel 264
Jim Lomax 261
Richard Hall 257
Bruce Maxwell 255
Betty Berteaux 253
Chris Dunford 247
Roy Carlson 245
Terry Colborn 245
Mary Schiedt 243
Sonia Santa Anna 241
Jean Broadhvest 240
Karen Zumwalt 240
Roy Carlson 238
Kathy Parker 238
Ed Whisler 236
Bud Widdowson 236
Tim Manolis 235
Dave Johnson 234
Jon Dunn 231

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