New Birds to the Yolo County Checklist

The last edition of Checklist of the Birds of Yolo County, California was published in April 2004. Since then, the following birds have been reported in the county. The 2004 checklist puts the Yolo County total at 328 species. This list begins at 329. Details on these sightings (e.g. date and location) are at the recent rarities page.

Note: This is just my list-- not all of them have necessarily been reviewed and accepted by appropriate committees yet. Additionally, Vega Gull is not (yet) considered a species by the AOU.

329. Veery
330. Cackling Goose
331. Red-eyed Vireo
332. Eastern Wood-Pewee
333. Least Flycatcher
334. Eurasian Collared-Dove
335. Ovenbird
336. American Tree Sparrow
337. Taiga Flycatcher
338. Yellow-throated Warbler
339. Hudsonian Godwit
340. Glossy Ibis
341. Harlequin Duck
342. Baltimore Oriole
343. Red-throated Pipit
344. Vega Gull
345. Brown Pelican
346. Lesser Black-backed Gull
347. Slaty-backed Gull
348. Red-necked Stint
349. Vermillion Flycatcher
350. Cassin's Kingbird
351. Tropical Kingbird
352. Zone-tailed Hawk
353. Little Stint
354. Common Ringed Plover
355. Arctic Tern
356. Common Redpoll
357. Crested Caracara
358. Fork-tailed Storm-Petrel
359. Yellow-bellied Flycatcher
360. Orchard Oriole
361. Bay-breasted Warbler
362. Winter Wren
363. Red-naped Sapsucker
364. Black Scoter
365. Marsh Sandpiper
366. Black Rail
367. Trumpeter Swan
368. Black Skimmer
369. Sagebrush Sparrow
370. Citrine Wagtail

This Little Stint spent a weekend at the Davis Wetlands, where it was enjoyed by birders far and wide. Besides a first county record, it is probably a first for the Central Valley. Photo by Roger Adamson.

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