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unusual white gulls

All of these are immaculate white above, show some fawn-colored markings on the vent, underwing, or flanks, and appear to have natural bill coloration. Are these within natural range of Iceland/Glaucous, or are they leucistic?

Gull #1
November, 2012
Sacramento County, California
Photos by Ed Harper

This bird was thought to be either 1st or 2nd cycle Glaucous or 2nd cycle leucistic Herring.
Fig 1a) swimming
Fig 1b) underwing

Gull #2
December 1, 2012
Stanislaus County, California
Photos by Jim Gain

This bird was thought to be 2nd cycle Iceland, but was also considered as 1st cycle Iceland, leucistic Thayer's, and leucistic California. More pics and video of this bird can be found here.

Fig 2a) swimming

Fig 2b) with Thayer's

Fig 2c) upper in flight

Fig 2d) underside

Gull #3
February 9 - March 23, 2009
Yolo County, California
Photos by Todd Easterla

This bird was rejected by the California Bird Records Committee as an Iceland Gull. It was also thought to be a leucistic Thayer's or even Ring-billed.
Fig 3a) with California
Fig 3b) with Herring
Fig 3c) with Herring
Fig 3d) in flight
Fig 3e) underside