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Testing the Hampton Scale, a proposed thayeri-kumlieni-glaucoides 28-point scale for first-cycle birds

Our goals are:
1) to test whether birders can use this scale in a consistent manner (do most people score birds similarly?); and
2) to explore where birders draw lines between thayeri,kumlieni,, and glaucoides.

You will be given 12 birds to evaluate. For each one, there is a Survey Monkey poll to fill out, which will simply ask you three questions per bird:
1) What score did you give the bird? (Answer 0 thru 28)
2) What would you call this bird? (Answer thayeri,kumlieni, and glaucoides or an intermediate between two of them)
3) Where do you usually watch gulls? (Answer state or province)

For scoring, the Hampton Scale is here at this link.

To fill out the survey, click here at this link.










BIRD #10

BIRD #11

BIRD #12

Send comments to me at stevechampton, at gmail.

Thanks to Amar Ayyash, Pete Grube, Jeff Poklen, Mark Forney, and Keith Mueller for use of their photos. And special thanks to Amar for suggesting this test.

RESULTS will be posted here.