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adult Herring Gull smithsonianus
October 26, 2013. Davis, Calfornia. Photo by Steve Hampton. These two birds, freshly arrived winter migrants from the north, are in two very different stages of head and body moult.

December 17, 2012. Davis, Calfornia. Photo by Steve Hampton. This bird is a heavily patterned early winter bird. The almost horizontal barring, large gonydeal angle, and slightly speckling in the iris may suggest some Glaucous-winged genes, but not necessarily.

March 23, 2011. Clearlake, Calfornia. Photos by Steve Hampton.

This is a typical adult. Note the long flat crown, the extensive head markings (beginning to fade), the long straight straw-yellow bill, pale mantle, and pale yellow eyes.

This bird is beginning to molt into adult summer plumage, losing much of the head streaking and getting deeper yellow in the bill.