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first cycle
Glaucous x Herring Gull

Figs 1 and 2) Fig 1 suggests a darkish Glaucous Gull, but the flight shot reveals rather dark outer primaries, secondaries, and a tail band. March 8, 2000. Newby Island Landfill, Santa Clara County, California. Photos courtesy of Mike Rogers.

Figs 3 and 4) Note the "reverse tail band", with the extensive pale area near the tips. This unusual feature is sometimes seen in hybrids with white-winged gulls. December 7 to 19, 1999. Rhine-Meuse estuary, the Netherlands. Photos courtesy of Norman Van Swelm.

Fig 5) This bird also has patterened primaries. The bill is too strong for Thayer's and is intermediate between Glaucous and Herring in color. California. Photos courtesy of Mike Rogers.

Fig 6) Same bird as Fig 5. The patterning in the primaries and the tertials point toward Glaucous Gull influence.

Fig 7) Same bird as Fig 5.