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Yellow-footed Gull


Second Cycle


YELLOW-FOOTED GULL (24"-27"; 52"-56") livens

BILL SHAPE: large; very thick and blob-ended; 5x eye diameter; gon angle obvious; culmen w/ long curve to tip
HEAD SHAPE: rounded and smallish, but more elongated than Western w/ sloping forehead
WING EXTENSION: about bill length
BILL COLOR: black w/ pale flesh base and tiny white tip variable; generally pale yellow w/ square cut black tip or like adult; tiny pale tip; may have trace of gon spot yellow to bright yellow w/ orange- red gon spot
LEG COLOR: pale pink to yellowish-flesh pale to bright yellow; some show trace of pink bright yellow
IRIS/ORB RING: dark to dull gold pale gray; orb ring pale yellow pale yellow to white; orb ring yellow, brighter in spring
HEAD: mostly white w/ dark smudge before and around eye; light marks on rear crown; variable thick streaks on nape and neck sides (juv much darker) mostly white w/ faint smudging around eye and rear crown; diffuse streaks on nape and neck sides white all year
UNDERPARTS: mostly white w/ scattered light smudging (juv with dark upper breast; sharply contrasting pale below) mostly white white
blackish black black w/ A-spots larger than eye, except A10, same size as eye
(in flight):
blackish above and below as adult but lacking A-spots and mirrors; more extensive black area, esp. on Pcovs extensive black on outer Ps; large mirror on P10; very dark pattern from below
(in flight):
blackish above and below w/ pale fringe as adult trailing edge about 1/2 bill length; quite dark from below; shows white skirt when standing
TERTIALS: very dark g-b w/ large white tips as adult adult gray w/ white crescent about 2/3 bill length
GREATER COVERTS: dark or faded solid g-b w/ pale fringe and subterm spot; inner feathers more spotted mixed brown and adult gray adult gray
LESSER & MED COVERTS: med g-b w/ irreg pale markings, appearing muddy adult gray w/ traces of brown adult gray
SCAPULARS: adult gray mixed w/ brown w/ white crescent about 1/3 bill length as adult; may be mixed w/ brown; white cres. about 1/2 bill length adult gray w/ white crescent about 1/2 bill length
BACK: adult gray mixed w/ brown as adult; may have trace of brown adult gray is dark gray, similar to wymani
RUMP: nearly all white white white
TAIL: solid black w/ pale fringe; faintly mottled bases to outer retrices visible from below nearly solid black w/ pale fringe and extensive white and mottled bases to outer retrices white