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Yellow-footed Gull


Second Cycle


YELLOW-FOOTED GULL (24"-27"; 52"-56") livens

BILL SHAPE: large; very thick and blob-ended; 5x eye diameter; gon angle obvious; culmen w/ long curve to tip
HEAD SHAPE: rounded and smallish, but more elongated than Western w/ sloping forehead
WING EXTENSION: about bill length
BILL COLOR: black w/ pale flesh base and tiny white tip variable; generally pale yellow w/ square cut black tip or like adult; tiny pale tip; may have trace of gon spot yellow to bright yellow w/ orange- red gon spot
LEG COLOR: pale pink to yellowish-flesh pale to bright yellow; some show trace of pink bright yellow
IRIS/ORB RING: dark to dull gold pale gray; orb ring pale yellow pale yellow to white; orb ring yellow, brighter in spring
HEAD: mostly white w/ dark smudge before and around eye; light marks on rear crown; variable thick streaks on nape and neck sides (juv much darker) mostly white w/ faint smudging around eye and rear crown; diffuse streaks on nape and neck sides white all year
UNDERPARTS: mostly white w/ scattered light smudging (juv with dark upper breast; sharply contrasting pale below) mostly white white
blackish black black w/ A-spots larger than eye, except A10, same size as eye
(in flight):
blackish above and below as adult but lacking A-spots and mirrors; more extensive black area, esp. on Pcovs extensive black on outer Ps; large mirror on P10; very dark pattern from below
(in flight):
blackish above and below w/ pale fringe as adult trailing edge about 1/2 bill length; quite dark from below; shows white skirt when standing
TERTIALS: very dark g-b w/ large white tips as adult adult gray w/ white crescent about 2/3 bill length
GREATER COVERTS: dark or faded solid g-b w/ pale fringe and subterm spot; inner feathers more spotted mixed brown and adult gray adult gray
LESSER & MED COVERTS: med g-b w/ irreg pale markings, appearing muddy adult gray w/ traces of brown adult gray
SCAPULARS: adult gray mixed w/ brown w/ white crescent about 1/3 bill length as adult; may be mixed w/ brown; white cres. about 1/2 bill length adult gray w/ white crescent about 1/2 bill length
BACK: adult gray mixed w/ brown as adult; may have trace of brown adult gray is dark gray, similar to wymani
RUMP: nearly all white white white
TAIL: solid black w/ pale fringe; faintly mottled bases to outer retrices visible from below nearly solid black w/ pale fringe and extensive white and mottled bases to outer retrices white

The was table created by Steve Hampton and is intended to futher our knowledge of gull identification. Please email me at if you have any suggestions for updating or improving this table. Thanks.