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"Kumlien's Gull"
Iceland x Thayer's

Figs 1-3) This bird has an especially dark eye. Figure 3 provides a comparison with Herring Gull. The primary pattern is somewhere between E and F on the scale below. January 25, 2012. Saginaw River, Michigan. Photo courtesy of Dan Duso.

Fig 4) This helpful chart comes from, a very helpful website from Europe. Note that O and P are in each other's position.

Figs 5-6) This bird has the bill and head structure of an Iceland Gull (and it was identical in this matter to adjacent Iceland Gulls), but a dark eye and a primary pattern close to Thayer's Gull. The primary pattern is between M and N on the chart, though very black. Note the head streaking is atypical and unusually sparse for Thayer's as well. January 29, 2012. Southwest Iceland. Photo courtesy of Omar Runolfsson.