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Kamchatka Gull (kamtchatkensis)




KAMCHATKA GULL (16-18";47-48") kamtchatkensis

BILL SHAPE: rather small, may be slightly thicker than Mew/Common; 3-3.5x eye diam; gon angle small; culmen curve gentle, beginning ½ way out
HEAD SHAPE: rounded and dove-like, but may appear angular, like the top half of an octagon
WING EXTENSTION: long; 1.5x bill length
POSTURE/HABITS: stockier and heavier breasted than Mew/Common
BILL COLOR: sharply bicolored; pale flesh w/ black tip to outer 1/3 of bill, less on upper mandible blue-gray or flesh w/ dark tip dull yellow; may show dark subterm band w/ brighter yellow tip
LEG COLOR: dull grayish-pink blue-gray to dull flesh greenish-yellow
IRIS/ORB RING: dark dark or pale yellow pale yellow to amber, darker when breeding; orb ring...
HEAD: covered w/ dark streaks or lines; dark in front of eye; pale around bill; aurs streaked; nape and neck sides thickly spotted variable streaking over crown and aurs; heavy mottling on nape and neck sides variable thin streaking on crown, aurs; smudging on nape to breast
UNDERPARTS: white w/ heavy mottling across breast and down flanks, lighter across belly; dark chevrons on sides of vent white; some light smudging from nape may extend to breast sides white
blackish black; may show tiny A-spots A-spots diminish in size; none on P9-10 (together); tiny on P8; large by P5
(in flight):
outer Ps blackish; inner Ps pale w/ dark subterm spots P9-10 black; large mirror on P10; small mirror on P9; black to P5; black on upper P covs extensive black on P8-10; large mirrors on P9-10; thin black band possible on P5; white tongues on P5-7
(in flight):
dark w/ pale fringe; underwing covs pale w/ thick dark edges, appearing mottled and darker than Ring-billed as adult; underwing covs white w/ dark edges adult gray w/ broad white trailing edge, about 3/4 bill length
TERTIALS: dark w/ broad pale crescents at tips as adult adult gray w/ large white crescent, about 3/4-1x bill length
GREATER COVERTS: solid pale g-b w/ pale edges, fading to all white by summer adult gray adult gray
LESSER & MED COVERTS: solid med g-b V-shaped centers w/ narrow pale edges; appearing darker than GCs; prone to fade adult gray adult gray
SCAPULARS: adult gray or brown w/ pale edges as adult adult gray w/ small white crescent
BACK: adult gray w/ hints of brown and pale edges adult gray adult gray is med gray, same as Mew
RUMP: variably barred; may appear white at a distance white white
TAIL: white w/ broad black band w/ pale fringe; white outermost webs; some dark on inner webs may be visible on outer retrices from above white w/ irreg black subterm marks white

The was table created by Steve Hampton and is intended to futher our knowledge of gull identification. Please email me at if you have any suggestions for updating or improving this table. Thanks.