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Glaucous Gull


First Cycle
Second Cycle


GLAUCOUS GULL(26-30"; 56-60") hyperboreous, barrovianus

BILL SHAPE: very long and straight; 4-6x eye diameter; thicker than Herring; gon angle small
HEAD SHAPE: moderately sloped forehead; long flat to rounded crown; steeply curved nape; heavy brow
WING EXTENSTION: short; less than half bill length; longer on barrovianus
POSTURE/HABITS: barrovianus is slightly smaller, closer to Herring in size and shape
BILL COLOR: fleshy pink w/ square-cut black tip; black may extend slightly along cutting edge flesh to yellowish w/ black tip and pale extreme tip yellow w/ dark irreg subterm band; may have some gon spot yellow to bright yellow w/ pale tip; gon spot pale orange to orange-red
LEG COLOR: pale flesh pink pale to bright pink pale to bright pink
IRIS/ORB RING: dark often pale; may be dark pale yellow pale yellow; orb ring yellow-orange to yellow-pink; red possible in Alaska
HEAD: covered w/ thin pale g-b streaks, so close as to appear rather solid; palest around bill; broken white eye ring variably streaked; may appear whitish or uniform pale g-b; similar to 1W as adult but streaking usually more extensive head and neck extensively covered w/ dense brown to orange-brown streaks, thicker on neck; dark mark in front of eye; broken white eye ring; most white by Mar; N. Amer. birds whiter-headed, some w/ only a shawl of heavy streaks around collar, or nearly all white
UNDERPARTS: breast delicately marbled; belly solid pale g-b; undt covs strongly barred breast mottled; belly more solidly mottled; undt covs barred variably pale g-b mottling on breast and belly white; head streaking may come across upper breast
variable; usually paler than rest of wing; nearly white to creamy g-b w/ pale edges; may have pale subterm chevron w/ tiny dark spot in tip white; may have pale g-b interior areas white; may have pale g-b interior areas all white; some adult gray may show if feather bases are exposed
(in flight):
paler than rest of wing, nearly white; translucent from below outer Ps often g-b on outer webs and tips, otherwise white; translucent from below as adult, but may have some pale g-b; translucent from below extensive white tips on P7-10, occupying 1/5 to ½ of feather tip; translucent from below
(in flight):
similar to Ps; may show tiny dark subterm marks from above similar to Ps as adult adult gray w/ broad white trailing edge about ½ bill length; may show white skirt when standing
TERTIALS: variable; white w/ dark bars, loops, or other small g-b marks; any solid areas very small white w/ pale g-b wash or marbling adult gray w/ variable g-b marbling adult gray w/ broad white crescent about 1/3 to ½ bill length
GREATER COVERTS: pale cream w/ g-b spots, appearing irreg barred white w/ pale g-b wash or marbling, esp on inners adult gray but w/ extensive washes of pale g-b adult gray
LESSER & MED COVERTS: white w/ faint to mod g-b subterm U or V-shaped mark, appearing irreg checkered white w/ faded g-b wash or marbling adult gray mixed w/ some pale g-b adult gray
SCAPULARS: like L&M covs white w/ faded g-b wash or irreg marks; some adult gray feathers adult gray adult gray w/ small white crescent
BACK: like L&M covs similar to scaps adult gray adult gray is very pale gray, paler than all Herrings; barrovianus slightly darker
RUMP: white w/ strong pale g-b bars white w/ faded g-b bars white w/ some pale g-b marks white
TAIL: extensively marbled or irreg barred pale g-b and white; often w/ pale g-b subterm band white w/ g-b wash or marbling; much paler than 1W white w/ extensive pale g-b wash or marbling white