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first cycle
Glaucous Gull
Fig 1) A rather white bird with an adult Thayer's Gull in the foreground. December 2, 2013. Davis, California. Photo by Steve Hampton.

Fig 2) A typical darker first winter Glaucous Gull; note the completely marbled tail and interesting pattern on the primary tips. January, 1998. Neah Bay, Washington. Photo by Ruth Sullivan.

Figs 3 and 4) This is a very white bird. Note the interesting tail pattern, with large white distal halves to the retrices. For size comparison, those are Mew Gulls behind it. February 21, 1999. Port Hueneme, California. Photo by Don DesJardin.

Fig 5) This is a nicely patterned bird; note the white primaries. February 24, 1998. Newby Island, California. Photo by Mike Rogers.