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first cycle
Ring-billed Gull

Fig 1) This is a crisp fresh juvenile. It will soon get an adult gray back, whiter head and breast, and lose much of the black in the bill. August 18, 2013. Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area, California. Photo by Steve Hampton.

Figs 2, 3, and 4) These three were taken on the same day, illustrating the difference between heavily streaked individuals and those that have attained more white underparts. Early October, 1998. South Haven, Michigan. Photos courtesy of Mark Cassino.
Fig 5) In flight, with adult gray mantle and striking tail band. Photos courtesy of Don DesJardin.

Fig 6) This bird has colorful bill and legs. February 16, 2011. Petaluma, Calfornia. Photo courtesy of Steve Hampton.

Fig 7) A typical late winter bird, probably a female by the petite size. Note the very worn and faded coverts contrasting with the fresh icy blue-gray mantle. March 23, 2011. Clearlake, Calfornia. Photo courtesy of Steve Hampton.