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the Lake
San Jose, Santa Clara Co., CA
23 Feb 2000
All photos by Mike Rogers,
copyright 2000.

Fig 1) This bird has been coming to a suburban lake in San Jose, CA for 3 years now. Photos of this bird as a two-year old may be seen here. Now a four year old bird, it is largely assumed to be Lesser Black-backed graellsii. However, there are some strange things. Most notably, the moult timing. It didn't complete growing in P10 until February. Secondly, it seems a bit dark for graellsii. Note also the extensive black in the bill.

Fig 2) Note the small black dot just inside the white on p4 (right wing). The mirror on p10 is pretty small and a strange shape, possibly because of immaturity?

Fig 3) Note that there is still black in a central rectrix.