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second cycle California Gull

August 18, 2013. Yolo County, California. Photo by Steve Hampton. An early season bird, still molting into 2nd basic. Note the 2nd cycle greater coverts, with a wavy marbled pattern. The outermost primaries are thin and tattered, desperately in need of replacement, but no worries, one can see the new ones growing in (the dark well-rounded ones). This bird was banded as a chick in summer 2012 at Mono Lake, California.
October 30, 1998. Santa Barbara, California. Photo by Don DesJardin. This bird is fairly advanced with very white head and underparts. Lots of adult gray on the upperparts is typical of 2nd cycle California, which seem to mature quickly.

November 18, 2013. Davis, California. Photo by Steve Hampton. This bird is retaining more dark feathers on the head and body, but still has plenty of adult gray feathers coming in on the back and wings.