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We spent the last two weeks traveling a bit. These are the precipitous east slopes of the Western Ghats, rising into the cool fog from the hot, humid plains.

We spent several days in the small town of Andimadam, where we visited the many social programs supported by Sahaya in Davis. It was very inspirational to meet women in micro-finance cottage industries. These women process cashews; other groups honored us (!) and had Luke say a few words of welcome. We also visited a Compassion International site in Chennai, and came away very impressed with both the organization and the local churches, who are truly transforming impoverished neighborhoods.

Another woman sews designs on greeting cards, earning up to $3/day, much more than she could earn working in the fields all day. Working with other women, they hold each other accountable and save hundreds of the dollars.

Bunky (age 9), Luke (age 13), and Caleb (age 16). Between Luke and Caleb is Arokiaraj (age 14). Though small in stature, he was a skilled athelete. We played many hours of cricket in India. Our boys are all excellent batsmen! ... so they say.

One of the highlights of the trip was a day at the beach with the children we met last summer. These kids and their families are the urban poor, sleeping on the sidewalk and working long hours instead of attending school. They are among the most courageous, remarkable, and compassionate people we have ever met.

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