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India 2007
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Welcome to Kondamangalam! These children always greeted us on the short walk between the village and the orphanage.

Frothing chai tea the old school way. Sometimes they poured from over their head to a cup held down near their shoes, but still never spilled a drop.

We spent two weeks at Little Flock Childrens Home, a new orphanage. We planted trees, taught in local schools, and conducted a village household survey in preparation for a new community center that will be built on the property. At left, the children sing each morning before going to school. Below, we were invited to breakfast at someone's home in the village.

Doing laundry was a daily social event. Transportation around the village could be a lot of fun.

Our team planted 160 trees and helped install an irrigation system. Some day we hope the property is as beautiful as the adjacent fields.

Luke and Bunky pose as models for our art teacher at a local elementary school!

Below, Bunky teaches English.

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