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The scene at the village school on the first day we held the medical and dental clinic out there; our team leader Viji hands out tokens to control the crowd.

The Indian countryside is among the most beautiful anywhere. In this region they primarily grow rice; that's eggplant in the foreground (left photo).

Scenes from village life: a woman carries rice to spread it over the ground to dry; another woman with her dairy cows. Landless villagers suffer malnutrition and often leave for the cities where they find more work and higher wages.

Even at the beach in Chennai, the women wear sarees. The social culture is very conservative. All marriages are arranged and we heard of no children born out of wedlock.

Just 200 meters from a nice beachfront resort, Dalits ("Untouchables") sort through the hotel's garbage on the beach.

This area south of Chennai was hit hard by the tsunami, which wiped out many coastal fishing villages. Many of the men survived because they were at sea fishing at the time.

India has about 1/3 of the world's extreme poor. If their children can go to school instead of to work, they can get higher-paying jobs and rise out of their poverty. Here are some organizations that are doing good work there:

Little Flock Charity Trust (the organization we went with, which is building an orphanage in a village south of Chennai)

The Dalit Freedom Network

Compassion International

World Vision

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