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India 2006 (page 2 of 3)

Market stalls in the early morning, laying out the produce for the day. Bathrooms are limited, so many just use the sidewalk, which is accepted as a fact of life.

Caleb and Luke with Levin, one of our translators from the local church.

It was great to watch our medical and dental clinic team at work.

Two young women (age 22). In order to meet their families' food needs, they both work 11-hour days in construction, carrying bricks on their heads, for 120 rupees ($2.67)/day.

Luke (age 12) and Selvam (age 18). Selvam, an orphan, works construction in order to support his two younger sisters and keep them in school. He is displaying the photos he took with a disposable camera that we gave him. We hope to publish a book showing Chennai through the eyes of 15 street kids who captured our hearts.

Women fill up their water jugs at the public well each morning. In some cases, they have to pay a small fee to contribute to the bribe for the driver of the government water truck. Basic infrastructure, like sanitation and garbage collection, is still in the developing stages. However, crews did clear this area regularly.

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