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that Florida trip, continued...
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Okay, you can stop paddling now. And better freeze while you're at it.

Here's Captain Steve embarking on another Jungle Tour at the Nine-Mile Canoe Trail. Haven't lost a customer in over three weeks!

Now I'm wernin' ya the water's a bit shallow, so's ya might haf to do sum pollin', but the 90-degree heat and them deer flies 'll sure inspire you!

That there's a Wood Stork. We don't eat 'em, cuz they're Endangered.

And this here's a Raccoon. My grannie has a great recipe for them.

Now that's a gator. They grow 'bout a foot a year. Tastes like chicken, 'ceptin' they're fishier and rubberier.

I think if ya git closer, one of ya will git a nice head shot.

Keeping the field journal up to date, despite the harsh conditions.

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