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Florida, February 2001
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Royal palm "hammocks" dot the "river of grass" in south central Florida. Most of Florida lies on a shallow bed of limestone. Holes in the limestone fill with deeper soil, enabling these islands of trees to grow.

Steve and Caleb along the Fakahatchee Strand trail; it may be February, but it was 90 degrees here.

This trail features some of the finest examples of Strangler Figs in the world.

Welcome to the Anhinga Trail, one of the most amazing wildlife-viewing places in the nation. Egrets, herons, and anhingas dot the trees...

while gators patrol the waters.

Gators and large birds relax just feet from the boardwalk.

Wildlife photographers are everywhere. I bet half of Florida's postcards come from this short boardwalk!

At the end of the road is the Flamingo campground. Set on the edge of Florida Bay, it looks nice. But beware the "Mosquito Meter", which was registering "tolerable" during our visit. It goes to "blood sponge" and "total mayhem". The vultures on the picnic table are one thing, but the American Crocodile that makes a daily dawn and dusk journey across this lawn is another.

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