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Hampton Family Photos 2000
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New! Photos from our Harry Potter Party!

Big sky country at Lava Beds Nat'l Monument

Elias "Bunky" in pack
on the trail to Bumpass Hell

hoofing it at timberline;
Lassen Volcanic National Park

What the Bumpass Hell is this? 232 degrees boiling mud and sulhuric gas. Just don't let your bumpass fall in.

Caleb (age 9) at Glass Mountain; four square miles of obsidian; good for the Modocs, but not so good for Bunky's leg (10 stitches at Tulelake Health Clinic)

Caleb and Luke spelunking in the lava tubes. The visitor center loans you these big flashlights at no charge.

Filling up that field box. Yep, the spreading board was doing constant business on this trip.

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